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SHASE Specifications -2013


「Air-Conditioning and Hygiene Equipment Work Standards Specifications」

Specifications of the Society of Heating, Air-Conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan


  • (12)Rubber displacement absorption pipe joints
    (c) The product shall be rubber and cylindrical, sphere type, bellows type, or L type, and the cylindrical, sphere type, and bellows types shall be compliant with SHASE-S 008 (rubber displacement absorption joints).
  • (13) Vibration-isolating pipe joints
    Bellows types shall be compliant with SAS 360 (stainless bellows-type flexible joints for typical stainless steel piping), or have a SHASE-S 006 (metal displacement absorption pipe joint) flexible pipe joint structure.
    Rubber products shall have a SHASE-S 008 (rubber displacement absorption pipe joint) structure, and have all of: flexibility, heat resistance, vibration-isolating effect, and pressure resistance.
  • (14)Pulsation absorption pipe joints
    These products are to be copper, stainless steel, or rubber, and have noise reduction effects by dispersing and interfering with pulsation noise generated by pumps.